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Mt. Pleasant Massage Therapy

Welcome to Mt. Pleasant Massage Therapy. My mission is to deliver the therapeutic experience you are seeking in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, James Island, and surrounding areas. Your muscles will be individually assessed and released if need be.  Body work is what I do. If you have pain due to a lack in your range of motion, I am able to feel the tightness and release the bound muscles by manipulating the surrounding connective tissue. Neuromuscular has become the modality most requested.
Neuromuscular therapy is very different from any other massage. The work is localized to the specific area that needs the attention. The damage to the muscle tissue and surrounding connective tissue is intense, so the neruromuscular massage breaks up the coagulations of damaged tissue and spreads them out. They’re then flushed out of the body and tissue can regenerate. It’s almost analogous to tilling soil. It is slow and very deep. I have had very positive outcomes with neuromuscular massage. It was the most difficult modality in school for me, but I’ve found it to be some of my favorite work.

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Deep Tissue Massage

With slow, deep precision, Deep Tissue bodywork unwinds and releases dysfunctional tension in the deeper muscle layers and fascia. By slowly lengthening soft tissue structures, breaking up scar tissue and…Read More

Swedish Massage

With soothing strokes, gentle kneading and pressure, Swedish Massage promotes relaxation as it calms the nervous system. This long-established modality releases stress, increases circulation and enhances the…Read More

Prenatal Massage

If you are past the first trimester, a massage while you are pregnant is heavenly and great for the baby. Massage therapy that is performed during a pregnancy has been shown to decrease depression, reduce anxiety…Read More

Massage Therapy News

take care of your tissue

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I can tell if a person eats clean and drinks plenty of water.  When my hands meet the client’s skin, I feel.  Healthy tissue feels good to the touch.  More malleable, glides better. This is yet another testament for the healing power of food and hydration. Your muscles need to breathe.  That’s the bottom line.  Coagulated tissue suffocates muscles.  Blood can’t flow through this tissue nor can the muscles breathe.  My massage cleans pathways, manipulating the tissue so that this can happen.  Drink water, eat well, get a massage.

Ischemic Tissue aka Knots

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Ischemic Tissue What exactly are the knots that you feel underneath your skin?  At Mt. Pleasant Massage Therapy I can assure you that I can ease the pain that results from the knots by using a variety of different methods and extreme focus. Massage is all about the manipulation of tissue.  All of our muscles are swathed in a protective covering of connective tissue.

Apres Massage

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A therapeutic massage does not end when you are off the table.  If the work you’ve had is neuromuscular and very deep, you may not feel that much has been done because neuromuscular work is oftentimes not invasive at all. Sometimes  you may hardly even feel the tissue breaking up as the muscles are being finely tuned and given care as they’ve been contracted for so long. after the massage, therefore, you may just feel “lighter” in the areas of initial pain.  The muscles are relaxed. There is homework to do, however. . I always recommend flushing the body with…

Children and Massage Therapy

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In today’s age children are sometimes overtaxed, as their reality tends to be very busy. They are playing more sports and are involved in varied and many activities. School has changed; the bar is being set higher at a younger and younger age. Kids experience different daily emotional stressors, more physical activity, and mental challenges. For all the money we spend on our our children, maybe one of the most affective strategies to help them physically, emotionally, and spiritually is just an afterthought or a neverthought; massage therapy. My son is privy to the benefits of massage; he’s been worked…