4There has not been a day yet that I haven’t looked forward to seeing my clients.  With each massage I learn a little more and get a little more confident with my hands.  There is no doubt in my mind that massage therapy heals; it is what I am supposed to be doing.  I absolutely love it.

This “aha” realization has come after thirteen years of teaching.  I started my career volunteering in The Peace Corps after I graduated from Vanderbilt University.  I was placed in a country called Kiribati, where I spent two years as an ESL teacher and teacher trainer.

When my service was complete I travelled for about six months.  My very first massage was in Bali.  The massage table was underneath an open air cabana. The petite yet mighty woman eased my mind and worked my body relaxed, she led me to a claw foot tub filled with rose petals in another open aired space …. incredible. I had only experienced something akin to this through a book or a film.

Massage became a go to for me when I wanted to treat myself, feel totally relaxed, and get pampered.  I didn’t realize the healing benefits until I went through some real struggles.  Massage then became an avenue of alternative medicine, or an augmentation at times.

Once I decided to make the change it all fell in step.  I attended Trident School of Massage and Southeastern Institute here in Charleston. We concentrated on the studies of Swedish and Neuromuscular massage. Studying the muscles, bones, and body systems was awesome.  I was using a different part of my brain; massage therapy mixes the right and left brain very effectively.

If you have a specific muscle issue, or you’d simply like to relax and de-stress, I can help. Can’t wait to meet you.