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Apres Massage

By February 21, 2017Uncategorized

A therapeutic massage does not end when you are off the table.  If the work you’ve had is neuromuscular and very deep, you may not feel that much has been done because neuromuscular work is oftentimes not invasive at all. Sometimes  you may hardly even feel the tissue breaking up as the muscles are being finely tuned and given care as they’ve been contracted for so long.

after the massage, therefore, you may just feel “lighter” in the areas of initial pain.  The muscles are relaxed.

There is homework to do, however.

. I always recommend flushing the body with plenty of water.

. An epsom salt bath will do wonders for releasing toxins and speed up the healing process – add about 5 drops of essential oils.  Peppermint is very refreshing and healing.  Lavender is always a go to.  Really any of your choosing.  Eucalyptus on Coleman has some very pure oils.

. Rotation of ice and heat on the tender area.

You may very well be sore after a massage at Mt. Pleasant Massage Therapy.  Make it an easier process so we can make it a joint mission in your therapy.

I am available for any questions if you may have them.

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