A Taste of My Own Medicine.

On this particular day I woke up, sat up, and could not rotate my head to either side, especially to the right.

I reached into my proverbial pocket of big guns. A medical doctor. x-rays. Suggested PT. muscle relaxers. Pain pills. It hurt really badly. Just to hold up my head. An emergency clinic. X-ray. Strongerpain pills.  Referral  to an orthopedic doctor. The orthopedist did some manual testing. Took her five minutes. My brachial plexus was impinged. Pinched nerve. Prescription?


I learned a lot from these massages. When the brachial plexus nerve is pinched, it affects all of the muscles in the shoulder girdle. All of the muscles underneath and surrounding the scapula: traps, rhomboids, sub scap, delts, biceps, triceps, teres major and minor ….

Because of this experience, I am able to confidently work on the shoulder girdle. Sometimes you have to live it to understand how it needs to be delineated.