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When’s your next massage?

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There are quite a few people that decide or need to get a massage THAT day. It’s so nice when my schedule works in a way that I can accommodate. Usually it doesn’t. Then the person calls around and hops on a different table. Every massage. I used to do that. I was telling my Mom a couple of days ago that my regular clients have become akin to family. It takes some time in massage therapy, starting a business …. building up your regulars. I know their muscles. Intuitively, the repetition of working on those clients on a regular…

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Neck/back/hips study

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This weekend I am spending the weekend in Myrtle Beach …. the location of a 2 day intensive class delving into intricate work in the neck, hips, and lower back. I’m really excited about it. There is not a ceiling in massage therapy; you can never learn enough about the body and how to properly treat clients’ pain. The neck is a particularly vulnerable area because of the jugular nerve and its fragile nature. Stay tuned for more …..

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