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deep tissue Archives - Mt. Pleasant Massage Therapy

Neck/back/hips study

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This weekend I am spending the weekend in Myrtle Beach …. the location of a 2 day intensive class delving into intricate work in the neck, hips, and lower back. I’m really excited about it. There is not a ceiling in massage therapy; you can never learn enough about the body and how to properly treat clients’ pain. The neck is a particularly vulnerable area because of the jugular nerve and its fragile nature. Stay tuned for more …..

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Massaging Athletes

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Synergy Training and Neuromuscular Therapy was where my first studio was located. I worked with the greatest people – most of whom were trainers and athletes. I love helping athletes take their performance to a higher level. Massage does indeed take your level of fitness to the next tier. You’ll be amazed. It will help ease the stress on your body. We can work out and rest well to sustain our youth; regular therapeutic massage will change your whole game.

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