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Neck/back/hips study

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This weekend I am spending the weekend in Myrtle Beach …. the location of a 2 day intensive class delving into intricate work in the neck, hips, and lower back. I’m really excited about it. There is not a ceiling in massage therapy; you can never learn enough about the body and how to properly treat clients’ pain. The neck is a particularly vulnerable area because of the jugular nerve and its fragile nature. Stay tuned for more …..

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Neck pain

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So many people call me about pains in their neck. Literal pains. Sometimes there is hardly any range of motion before I start working. Neck work is slow, deep, precise. I usually start with the client in a prone position, or lying down …. So I can loosen the traps, rhomboids, lats, levator scapula …. Then focus on stretching all the muscles around the cervical spine, ie. the¬†sterno clydo mastoids, the occipital muscles … and loosen the prior muscles from a different angle. Massaging the neck hurts my fingers and hands, but it’s some of my favorite work.¬†

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