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Myofascial Triggerpoint Success!

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So learning this technique has changed the whole way I am able to feel what I’m looking for – damaged tissue. Those little capsules of tissue hide deep down and cause pain! Lower back pain is so common. I’m able to relieve the strain in that region by treating the glutes. And the QL on both sides of the back …. Quadratus  Lumborum …. Lumbar muscles. A client with painful chronic arthritis felt relief after using trigger point therapy on her knees, quads, hamstrings, and even feet. I have treated her for a long time and this was the best…

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Neck pain

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So many people call me about pains in their neck. Literal pains. Sometimes there is hardly any range of motion before I start working. Neck work is slow, deep, precise. I usually start with the client in a prone position, or lying down …. So I can loosen the traps, rhomboids, lats, levator scapula …. Then focus on stretching all the muscles around the cervical spine, ie. the sterno clydo mastoids, the occipital muscles … and loosen the prior muscles from a different angle. Massaging the neck hurts my fingers and hands, but it’s some of my favorite work. 

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