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Myofascial Archives - Mt. Pleasant Massage Therapy

Why live in pain?

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Before I became a massage therapist, if I pulled a muscle in my neck or back I’d go straight to the doctor. Laid up in bed with plenty of muscle relaxers, the muscle indeed relaxed eventually and I’d be back to life, work, etc. Now it’s different. I’m not saying that muscle relaxers don’t assist in the healing, but a neuromuscular massage is where I begin.  As  a therapist, I am able to relax the muscle and when you walk out, your life can resume. Different vocations really benefit from massage as well. Dentists, for example, are frozen in the…

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Less is more. Usually.

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Sometimes i feel deep connective tissue that is so soft and hot and tender; it is fascinating. My hands tell me not to go deep when they encounter this tissue. Sometimes I put my fingertips on skin and they just sink. Way down. Hard  pressure is necessary for ropey tissue and at other appropriate times. A deep tissue massage is not about physical strength. It is about massaging deeply and precisely on and in tissue.

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Myofascial Triggerpoint Success!

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So learning this technique has changed the whole way I am able to feel what I’m looking for – damaged tissue. Those little capsules of tissue hide deep down and cause pain! Lower back pain is so common. I’m able to relieve the strain in that region by treating the glutes. And the QL on both sides of the back …. Quadratus  Lumborum …. Lumbar muscles. A client with painful chronic arthritis felt relief after using trigger point therapy on her knees, quads, hamstrings, and even feet. I have treated her for a long time and this was the best…

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