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Why live in pain?

Before I became a massage therapist, if I pulled a muscle in my neck or back I’d go straight to the doctor. Laid up in bed with plenty of muscle relaxers, the muscle indeed relaxed eventually and I’d be back to life, work, etc.

Now it’s different. I’m not saying that muscle relaxers don’t assist in the healing, but a neuromuscular massage is where I begin.  As  a therapist, I am able to relax the muscle and when you walk out, your life can resume.

Different vocations really benefit from massage as well. Dentists, for example, are frozen in the same position every day while they work. A regular client of mine is a dentist and he’s feeling great relief from our work. We  are getting him on a schedule for every other week. It can change someone’s entire work experience. Think about it : construction workers, doctors, dentists, teachers, athletes, massage therapists, pilots …. On and on. Everyone can benefit from massage.

Come on in and feel the heal 🙂

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